Comfrey – for joint pain, injuries and contusions

Comfrey – for joint pain, injuries and contusions

Comfrey is a plant that is famous for its many unusual healing properties. For decades forgotten, today comes back as an extremely effective way that stimulates regeneration tissue. Comfrey is a natural remedy for joint pain, injuries and many other ailments, as well as a valuable cosmetic raw material. Get to know this extraordinary plant closer.


What does comfrey look like?

Comfrey is a plant commonly found in our country. We find it at the banks of streams and rivers, on the edge of forests and bushes. It is common throughout the country so finding it will not be a problem. Comfrey is a plant growing up to about 1 m high, has dark green fleshy leaves with an oblong and lanceolate shape. Comfrey is most easily recognized by the characteristic purple or purple flowers that appear in late May. The medicinal raw material is the root of comfrey, which is obtained in the spring, before the flowering period and late autumn. The root is thick and strongly branched, black or dark brown. After breaking white or slightly yellow.

Comfrey root

Comfrey in folk medicine

Comfrey is a plant used in femoral medicine for centuries, it was considered a very effective medicine for all injuries – both bones, joints, muscles, comfrey root extracts were also used on the skin as a remedy for difficult to heal wounds, inflammatory changes, ulcers, burns . It was also a raw material used internally, in the form of teas and tinctures as a natural remedy for upper respiratory tract infections, digestive problems and excessive menstrual bleeding. Today it is recommended to use comfrey only externally, any comfrey root extracts such as syrups or tinctures have been withdrawn from the sale due to research on the toxicity of alkaloids found in its roots. However, small amounts of these substances make the case of oral use of comfrey extracts debatable. However, the use of exfoliating preparations on the skin is completely safe.

Comfrey ointment

Comfrey balm  may be prepared from comfrey root. It is a very effective remedy for all injuries, degenerations or injuries as well as back and joint pains. The ointment is prepared from fresh or dried comfrey root. It is a much more effective drug than ointments, creams or gels with comfrey available in pharmacies, because they usually contain a few percent of comfrey extract, which makes the use of such preparations ineffective. Effects of the comfrey extract will appear after a long time or are hardly noticeable. Comfrey balm is a simple and natural remedy whose main ingredient should be comfrey extracts, not fillers and ingredients that give texture.

Comfrey balm for injuries and skin care

How does comfrey ointment work?

The comfrey ointment affects the regenerative capacity of tissues, accelerates regeneration processes, has anti-inflammatory properties, relieves pain and reduces swelling. Comfrey ointment is recommended for people suffering from joint and muscle pain, also in the case of pains associated with rheumatic disease. Regular use of the ointment reduces the stiffness of the joints and relieves pain, so that after a short time after starting the use ointments can reduce the use of drugs and ointments with analgesic effect. The ointment can also be used for spine degeneration. Comfrey is also an effective way to injure, ointment will be helpful both in bone, joint and muscle injuries, the use of ointments will speed up repair and recovery. The ointment can therefore be used in bruises, sprains, is very effective in sprains, and will also speed up recovery after bone fractures.

Comfrey ointment as a cosmetic

Regenerating, nourishing and soothing properties of comfrey are also perfect for skin care. Ointment can be used on the skin healthy as a cosmetic with nutritional and moisturizing properties. Comfrey will also work great with various skin diseases. It is particularly effective in treating acne lesions, relieves inflammation, reduces acne symptoms and the amount of pimples. It is also a remedy that works great in treating acne scars. Comfrey simultaneously reduces skin dryness, moisturizes and reduces the secretion of sebum, so it is an ideal cosmetic for both dry and oily skin, because it works by restoring balance to the skin. It is also an extremely effective natural medicine for atopic dermatitis.

Glycerin extract from comfrey

How to prepare an ointment from comfrey?

In order to be effective, the medicine containing comfrey must contain a sufficient amount. It should ideally contain several different comfrey extracts. To prepare a comfrey ointment, you will need three such extracts: oil, glycerol and alcohol. They can be prepared from fresh or dried comfrey. It is enough to pour a portion of comfrey in three jars of linseed oil, glycerine and spirit so that the liquid is 1-2 cm above the chopped roots. Extracts must macerate in a dark place for at least two weeks, after this time they can be used to prepare ointments. The drug is prepared on an allantoin-containing ointment, after dissolving the medium, add dried powdery comfrey root mixed with comfrey oil. Intensively mix with the substrate, then you need to add a portion of comfrey glyceride and finally a few drops of comfrey spirit. A spirit extract is not only another active component of the ointment but also a preservative.

Pain in the joints, spine or muscles can greatly limit the activity, painful pains can also significantly reduce the quality of life, so it is worth looking for natural ways to alleviate this type of discomfort to reduce the amount of synthetic painkillers taken.

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